Lucrecia Dalt

The name Lucrecia Dalt may recall her past five albums (her last, Ou, on Care Of Editions), or her previous collaborations with Laurel Halo, or Julia Holter. Her sixth album, and first venture on RVNG Intl, Anticlines, is a volume of bodily and geological substrates within poetic theory and sound. It explores the boundaries and limitations of human consciousness.

Dalt, A former geotechnical engineer from Colombia (now residing in Berlin), crafted the lyrics and music of Anticlines with great concern for boundaries and edges. Paying careful attention to pace, breath, and texture, Dalt microtonally shifts the distance between speech and song while using traditional South American rhythms to support her contemporary electronic composition. The album’s poetic lyrics were written collaboratively between Dalt and Henry Andersen during a weekend in Brussels, Belgium.

Interspersed with the lyrical pieces of Anticlines are instrumental interstitials that demonstrate preceding concepts — as if to say, “this is what antiforms sound like, and this is what the universe’s indifference sounds like.” Dalt’s ongoing experiments with visual artist Regina de Miguel support these ideas, their practice allowing the objects of their attention to slip in and out of being.