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Julia Holter

Los Angeles composer / multi-instrumentalist Julia Holter has forged a reputable identity in the contemporary music landscape by merging pop melodies with abstract composition. A true DIY composer, Holter cut her teeth releasing limited run cassettes and CD-Rs releases for labels like Human Ear Music, Engraved Glass, and NNA Tapes.

Holter’s songwriting stems from a mythological reverence of that which is incomprehensibly beautiful. Holter’s Eating the Stars EP (2007) was a first attempt at musically transcribing this beauty, while discovering the honest enjoyment of unadulterated creativity. Holter’s debut album Tragedy (Leaving Records, 2011) embraced similar strains of shimmer, but used sparser textures in a narrative context.

Julia further refined this sound on her 2012 follow-up, Ekstasis (RVNG Intl., 2012), an album that reflected the conventions of her classical training while also introducing pop structure.

Ekstasis is available in CD, 12″ and Digital Formats via the RVNG Intl. store
Ekstasis (Expanded) is digitally available via the RVNG Intl. store