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Liverpool-based artist Andrew PM Hunt teamed up with RVNG to release his latest album, Under~Between, and follow up EP, Opal, both in 2021.

An active member of the Liverpool music community, performing with the groups Ex Easter Island Head, Land Trance, Raft of Trash and touring saxophone for Forest Swords, Hunt is a go-to hire for local live and session work with touring acts.

The eleven tracks of Under~Between began their life as chamber pieces commissioned by the new music group Immix Ensemble, written for woodwinds, strings, piano and synthesizer, before Andrew deconstructed and reassembled the recordings into this new album.

Hunt’s collaboration on Under~Between expanded beyond the Immix Ensemble to his own home. Hunt lives in a house with fifteen people, most of whom are artists and musicians that belong to a greater Liverpool community, which he says creates a “deeply nourishing” environment of creative reciprocity and exchange. Under~Between allowed Hunt to incorporate some of this communal energy to the historically solitary practice of Dialect, and an abundance of time unencumbered by major metropolitan survival mode.

Keep Going… Under occupies a different center of gravity than Under~Between. Where Under~Between delicately balanced restrained motifs and improvisational exploration, Keep Going… Under holds nothing back in its sublime deliberation.

“Under~Between found joy in interplay and spontaneity, while Keep Going… Under finds strength in commitment and direction,” notes Hunt. This assured detour from Dialect’s proven path warrants complete and total immersion, an invitation to go under and stay under. The five pieces of Keep Going… Under are collected on a limited, artist edition lathe cut, and made available across all digital platforms on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.