Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz – FRKWYS Vol. 16: In a Word

In a Word, the sixteenth installment of the intergenerational collaboration series FRKWYS, brings together postminimalist composer Daniel Lentz with vocalist and sound artist Ian William Craig for an album that embraces erosion and the fertility of the loam left behind. A document of shared transformation, Lentz’s elegant piano figures and Craig’s trembling tenor are wilted, warbled, and looped through manipulated tape machines in a real time composition that evokes a strange warmth and layered beauty. 

Experience the first offering from In a Word, “Poire,” with a video directed by Eli Welbourne taken from the upcoming documentary on Craig and Lentz, below:

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October 6, 2020

Emily A. Sprague – Hill, Flower, Fog

Emily A. Sprague’s Hill, Flower, Fog ~ a six part spectra inviting meditation on perception + sensation ~ arrives expanded for vinyl on Dec. 4th and a full digital release on Nov. 13th. To accompany the album, RVNG will publish Greetings from Hill, Flower, Fog, an artist edition book of photographs taken by Emily “describing moments of pause, peace and communion experienced at home” around and leading up to this year’s events.

Today we celebrate the first offering from Hill, Flower, Fog, “Star Gazing,” with a video directed by V Haddad, below:

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September 23, 2020

Oliver Coates – Honey

Today we share “Honey,” the second single from Oliver Coates’ forthcoming album, skins n slime ~ Enjoy the video by Joanne Robertson + Jasper Baydala below:

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September 16, 2020

Lucrecia Dalt – EU Show Dates

A signal of hope, a signal of sound ~ Lucrecia Dalt brings No era solida to select EU venues this fall ~

19 Sept 20 – Archipiélago at Museo Reina Sofía – Madrid [ES]
26 Sept 20 – Saint Ghetto Festival – Bern [CH]
28 Oct 20 – Open Source Art Festival – Gdánsk [PL]
04 Nov 20 – Kölner Philharmonie – Cologne [DE]
07 Nov 20 – GNration – Braga [PT]
21 Nov 20 – Saint Ghetto Festival – Bern [CH]
23 Jan 21 – klub katarakt 16 – Hamburg [DE]

September 4, 2020

Oliver Coates – skins n slime

skins n slime, the new album from Oliver Coates ~ available Oct. 16 on vinyl, (import) cd, and digital formats ◌ ◌ ◌ today we celebrate the first offering from skins n slime, the lucid string soliloquy of “Butoh baby,” with a video directed by Leah Walker and Lewis Walker X below:

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August 18, 2020

Engage. Change. Heal. Now.

rvng echoes the call to reverse the history of abuse, neglect, and oppression of black people in america. we recognize the complicity in silence and stand in solidarity with all black lives ~

we pledge our support to fellow agents of change against state sponsored violence. mass incarceration and the over criminalization of black people must end once and for all ~

financial contributions make an immediate impact, and we encourage you to research these and many other resources:

beyond personal contributions, rvng and commend have pledged $1000 today to national bail out + communities united for police reform ~

this friday, bandcamp will again waive their site fees. we pledge to redistribute our label’s income portion of all sales towards individual black artists living in nyc, working with black community leaders to identify and reach those individuals ~

change can happen hand in hand, and the responsibility of white-owned businesses to step the eff up remains a priority ~

we will continue this work by converting commend to a 501(c) non-profit and supporting our network to nyc’s black artist community in the meantime. please be in touch if you feel compelled


June 1, 2020

Greg Fox – Contact

out now ~ greg fox’s contact, a catharsis / collection of connections between human + percussive forms, prod. + mixed by randall dunn.

making / taking digital collisions + blue vinyl pre-orders today. the album features original artwork by emma kohlmann and design by will work for good.

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May 29, 2020

Kate NV – Plans

Today Kate NV shares “Plans”, the third offering from her forthcoming album Room for the Moon. The video, directed by Kate and Pavel Kling, is best described as a hallucinatory news report.

In Kate’s own words: “The song is about how everything constantly collapses and changes, that nothing is really clear and that it is impossible to plan everything or anything.” Written before the present world crisis, the song’s surreal dissociation as presented through Kate’s pop proficiency is prescient of this moment if not peculiar:  “Who would tell us what it was like before it turned to this. Who would outline the plans.” 

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May 26, 2020