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Making its way through our world, and destined for worlds beyond, Pauline Anna Strom’s Angel Tears in Sunlight ~

It took a perfectly round 33 years between Pauline’s last transmission of music and this collection culled from a stream of work she composed over the past couple years. The timing couldn’t be more surreal, with Pauline’s departure from this realm in December. One part of us grieves this moment for our collective loss and for Pauline missing the outpouring of love for her and her music, one part finds comfort in the cosmic poetry and knowing pauline’s peace and place within the infinite has been found.

On the occasion, a visual assemblage from pauline’s earthly belongings and companions, Little Soulstice and Miss Huff, resting now on the northern coast of California. Collected, captured and collaged by Aubrey Trinnaman.

We celebrate Pauline’s life and vision around this new album, and we vow to preserve her legacy. Thank you to everyone that has supported this effort in direct and indirect ways.

We miss you so, so much, Paula.


For Heads, By Heads.

A dispatch certain eyes might observe accompanying our various drops, now adorning our first limited merch drop of the new year. The message means that our ware is made with the best intentions, sustainable means, and high hopes for inter-connectivity through sound and sight. It’s also an invitation for all into the “know,” where the price of admission is just a listen.

Our For Heads, By Heads wide totes and For Sleepyheads, By Sleepyheads XXL Sleeper Tees were produced by Everybody in Los Angeles and screen-printed by Shoestring Press in Brooklyn. Both are made from 100% recycled cotton in local facilities committed to ethical work practices.

All proceeds from the sleeper tee will benefit The Door; a youth center in New York City whose mission is to empower young people to reach their potential by providing comprehensive youth development services in a diverse and caring environment.

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