In the world today, Tashi Wada’s debut album What Is Not Strange? Available in double lp, import cd (via Plancha), and digital formats from RVNG Intl., your fave indie retailer, and across the streaming universe.

What Is Not Strange? marks a cosmic shift in musical maturation for tashi. Where Tashi’s past oeuvre is inspired by, if not indebted to or literally entwined with, the minimalism found in his father Yoshi Wada’s music and other pioneering composers in the field, What Is Not Strange? veers the nearest Tashi has ventured toward traditional song-based composition.

Within this shift, Tashi’s sense of detail was not lost — it only sharpened; from the unique tempering of the synthesizers employed on this recording to the selection of Julia HolterEzra BuchlaDev Hoff, and Corey Fogel as his backing ensemble, to the sonic partnerships with Chris Cohen and Stephan Mathieu, and the great care and consideration invested in the artwork and collaboration with Dicky Bahto.

We asked Tashi early on why, with the level of quality that he aspires to and maintains with his Saltern mprint, he didn’t just release the album himself. the short answer is he felt a need to separate his art from this platform, and to have someone he trusted help frame his music and this album’s narrative. While striving to meet that level of excellence in Tashi’s mind and by demonstration of his own hand presents a unique set of challenges, this is what we do as family. We rise to the occasion.
We are grateful to have Tashi a part of the RVNG fam, and honored to share What Is Not Strange? within our circle of listeners and beyond.

If you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow, June 8, come celebrate the release of What Is Not Strange? at 2220 Arts + Archives. Tashi will be joined by the ensemble behind the album, with an opening set from Charles Curtis, live visuals by Dicky, and sounds in between sets from Matt McDermott and Matt W.

“I like taking the character of this chaotic magician of sorts, battling the elements. My body and the world; my body against the world. The theatricality is this sort of persona I took on for this record, as the performer actively struggling to maintain my balance in this intense, but also playful, comic, way.”

Travis Hood and Ross Mayfield’s documentary on Ka Baird and their recently released album, Bearings: Soundtracks for the Bardos, is available to view / stream now via Nowness.

“I’ve always been mindful of my place in this universe and music has always been the way that I can connect with those feelings. it’s kind of devotional for me at this point – the way I make music is a practice that turns my brain off and lets me feel and express what is truly inside.”

We feel so lucky to have been a part of offering these albums that Emily originally self-released in new shapes and forms, and we are excited for what’s to come in our collaboration.

Photo by Carly Solether