Atlas of Green

— Limited Artist Edition of 150 black vinyl with screen-printed covers available only from RVNG
— Bundle LTD or Standard Black editions of Atlas of Green with Under~Between (White Vinyl) LP and Advanced Myth (Clear Vinyl) LP
— Japanese import CD w/ Obi officially licensed and pressed in Japan by Plancha
— Each purchase includes a multi-format download redeemable via Bandcamp



Release date: September 20, 2023

Ever-evolving the mythologies and magic of Dialect’s sonic sphere, Andrew PM Hunt returns with Atlas of Green, elegantly molding unexacting details of memory and mistranslation into the framework of the British musician and composer’s creative pursuit. The album imagines a young musician named Green working in a future dawning era where lost signals and enduring impulses are unearthed from the sediments of technology and time. Across twelve compositions, Green becomes the compass in an epoch of transition; one shaded with pastoral patinas and studded with the fragments of allegorical ruin. As tattered as it is tender, Atlas of Green is a patchwork of scavenged relics and bygone hues, cast through the iridescent shimmers of a mid-future in flux.

Growing up on the Wirral Peninsula in North West England, Hunt was surrounded by stone age landmarks and rock carvings that infused the landscape with legend. It was beside those carvings on a residency at Bidston Artistic Research Center where he began the journey of Atlas of Green, experimenting with tape loops and exploring the center’s library of sci-fi. Here Hunt also encountered the work of Italian philosopher Federico Campagna, a writer who believes we’re at the end of our current world. This encouraged Hunt’s exploration of how the fabric and fantasies of our current era might endure into the future of Green, as they try to make sense of the riddles of the past, utilizing broken electronics and simple acoustic instruments to create new mythic forms.

This question of endurance led Hunt to inscribe Atlas of Green with its own lucid markings – sometimes almost anthemic adornments – which unfurl through the album’s melancholic air as possible new metaphors for how the human spirit might persist through dark days and regain lost wisdom. As Hunt reflects, “We’re not just on an endless procession through constantly better worlds. Our lack of action (on climate and inequality) feels hopeless at times. I find some comfort in the idea that maybe the world needs a new song in order to tell a new story about itself”.

The image of Green as a journeying adolescent in-between eras developed out of a burgeoning interest in the fantasy writing of Ursula K. Le Guin and Gene Wolfe and occurred at a point in Hunt’s life where the question of starting a family was looming. Green became a device for thinking about the future, or futures, putting someone in another world and granting access to a slightly longer timeframe than one’s own life. What would this person, in this as-yet-unsung world do with something as powerful as music? As Hunt notes, “I imagined them doing what we’ve always done with music – using it to build a map of feeling, providing boundaries and tracing the edges of our emotions, defining a space of possibility and giving voice to our intuition. This is an alternative future to the one of endless growth but one which still holds space for hopes and dreams.”

Mapping new folds in the passage of time, Atlas of Green is traced with an aura of sonic urgency which arises through its process-led construction. Following a series of live shows in early 2023, the record was created with an assemblage of analogue electronics and acoustic instruments, including scratched records and a broken four track, collaging studio work with recorded live recordings featuring work in progress. Where the indeterminate energies of Under~Between (2021) appeared through digital processing, Atlas of Green embraces chance encounters within the malfunctions of physical media and glitching gear. Within these interwoven clusters of organic and blemished sound, Dialect reclaims the joyfulness of the inner amateur and creates a soft landing for new seeds of magical possibility – rooted in the bounds and abundance of realism.

“As a planet of people we have to deal one way or another with our finite existence. We have to deal with that loss with hope still in our hearts – our capacity to love cannot be contingent on things lasting forever, and so this image of Green is not a vision of dystopia, nor utopia but an expression of trust and an acceptance of limits.”

Dialect’s Atlas of Green will be released on vinyl, Japanese import CD, and digital editions on September 20, 2024. On behalf of Andrew PM Hunt and RVNG Intl., a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit The Greenhouse Project, an early years educational facility and after-school club in the heart of Toxteth, which supports the needs of all children to make exceptional progress and go forwards in their learning journey with pride and confidence.


Side A (33 RPM)
A1. New Sun
A2. Recreation Story
A3. Born Through
A4. Spiral Cartography
A5. Overgrown Song
A6. Late Fragment
A7. Green’s Dream

Side B (33 RPM)
B1. Archaic Quarter Form
B2. Atlas of Green
B3. Age & Rain
B4. Ancient Faith Radio
B5. Sí Sa So


01. New Sun
02. Recreation Story
03. Born Through
04. Spiral Cartography
05. Overgrown Song
06. Late Fragment
07. Green’s Dream
08. Archaic Quarter Form
09. Atlas of Green
10. Age & Rain
11. Ancient Faith Radio
12. Sí Sa So