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Kate NV

Kate Shilonosova’s artistry maneuvers instinctively within whatever musical environs she finds herself. Her solo persona, Kate NV, emerged in 2013 with the Pink Jungle EP, followed by 2016’s Binasu, released by Orange Milk – a hybrid take on 80s Japanese Pop made after a stint in Tokyo. Alternately, Kate is a guitar-wielding post-punker and performer within Moscow Scratch Orchestra’s avant-garde Russian folk ensemble.

Her second solo LP, для FOR, is a minimal electronic abstraction of the familiar. Inspired by casual moments of ephemeral sound from within and beyond her apartment walls, the record has a clarity arrived altogether and from right under her nose. Recorded at home, NV says it was as if the music was not written by herself, but her chair. Kate NV crafted psychedelic depictions of Moscow — each piece an alien arrangement of common elements that extend everyday ritual into an eternal landscape of unconscious activity. Somewhere along that landscape, Kate NV awaits and greets with apples for hands and fish for feet.


Saturday September 18 2021
Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
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