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Hieroglyphic Being

Jamal Moss is Hieroglyphic Being, the Chicago maven and mastermind working within and across the expanded field of dance music and its lineage before and after.

Through his roles as composer / producer, DJ, and label head of Mathematics Recordings, Moss both obeys and challenges the evolving traditions of classic and acid house, industrial / EBM, free / spiritual jazz, ambient music and everything in between.

Recording under aliases such as I.B.M., IAMTHATIAM and The Sun God, Moss has self-released an astonishing amount of CD-Rs as alongside a number of EPs and LPs on labels Alter, Soul Jazz, Further, and Creme Organization.

We Are Not the First, released on RVNG Intl. October 30, 2015, propels Moss’s meditations on Afro-Futurisum into higher levels of consciousness through an expanded ensemble studio setting that included Sun Ra Arkestra member (and leader since 1993) Marshall Allen, Daniel Carter, Greg Fox, Shelley Hirsch, Shahzad Ismaily, Elliott Levin, Jamal Moss, Rafael Sanchez, and Ben Vida.