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Dukes of Chutney

Dukes of Chutney are John Paul Jones and Dustin Lynn, California-born brothers from other cosmic mothers who met surfing over a decade ago. The flavor of the Dukes’ musical chutney is an abstract but balanced mixture of many disciplines. Under the moniker Tom Croose, Jones has cultivated a beguiling production aesthetic, which he’s lent to various edits and remixes. Lynn, on the other hand, is an accomplished filmmaker who’s collaborated with artist Gabriel Orozco and directed campaigns for designers like Alexander McQueen and Corto Moltedo.

Their debut RVNG release, Domino, was conceived over two years during which Jones and Lynn were traveling separately and frequently across multiple countries and continents. From a peyote ceremony in Mexico (chants which can be heard echoing on “You, Me, The Chimp and Acapulco”) to hunting for surf along the Icelandic coast (the cold volcanic drums and distortion of “Jan’s Bellski”), Jones and Lynn hoarded field recordings, found instruments and life altering experiences to later process and navigate in a collaborative capacity.

The first Dukes recording session came together in Sausalito, CA, where Jones and Lynn began blending their globally foraged ingredients into what would become the EP’s closing track “Caledonia”. In the midst of trading demos stemmed from this session, they were introduced to Berlin-based vocalist and performance artist Elle P. Conjuring up a wild combo of Grace Jones, Meredith Monk, and Trish Keenan, Elle channels these articulate spirits through her own multi-tracking vocal technique.