Looking back at ¡Ay! one year later

A note from Lucrecia Dalt on the occasion of ¡Ay!s one year anniversary:

¡Ay! is one year old today. And talking about timeless love, I wonder what it is that makes a record become a premonitory act? Or is it possible that just for the sake of portraying potential, chaos takes over and does whatever it takes to make it all happen?

I always saw this album as a vortex, a ‘quiet’ one like Tarkovsky’s. If I throw myself in, will I come out to the other side complete? Or fragmented? The reality is, that when I thought I was just thinking about it, I was already falling. And when I thought I was just fragments, love, supreme love, brought me out to the other side, complete, sublimated and ready for the next adventure.

Thanks to all of you who have listened to ¡Ay! in your homes, in the concert spaces, and to all those close to me who have supported me in making sense of it all.