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Visible Cloaks & Brenna Murphy – Permutate Lex (Kabinett)

announcing Lex, Visible Cloaks’ follow up to Reassemblage and continued exploration of a limitless, delicate space developed by fluid musical techniques and subconscious voice

paired with Brenna Murphy’s visuals again, the collaboration delves deepest in their new short film, Permutate Lex, presented by a new, decentralized viewing platform, Kabinett.

watch “permutate lex” below & head to Kabinett for more info on the short film & new platform:

Lex will be available in LP and digital formats on December 8, 2017. pre-order a copy here

catch Visible Cloaks on tour now:

October 12, 2017

Richard Horowitz – Eros In Arabia – Out Now

today we travel through time ~ the shimmer that reverses the backward spelling of Ztiworoh to Richard’s true form ~ the renewal of Eros

freedom to spend’s fourth (and last) release in 2017 welcomes Eros In Arabia back into the world. grip now, this pressing won’t last:

purchase at the shop

October 6, 2017