Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1

MoM001: Noir Et Blanc (Braulio Amado Print Edition)


12″ LP with limited edition screenprint poster.

Commend’s MoM (Music of the Month) series is an effort to pay tribute to some of our favorite, current record releases from across the globe. Each month, Commend will commission an artist edition poster to be sold alongside the vinyl, exclusively from the store. These visual responses will serve as farther-out artistic context for releases that are extra special to our times (and space).

Our first MoM edition is a layered, “build your own volcano” design by Braulio Amado for Zazou / Bikaye / Cy 1’s Noir Et Blanc, the 1983 mutant electro classic being reissued from its original label Crammed. Riso-printed in NYC by Keegan Mills Cooke, this small edition of 100 posters will fit inside a poly bag with your LP.


Side A
A1. M’Pasi Ya M’Pamba (5:18)
A2. Mangungu (5:26)
A3. Dju Ya Feza (6:34)
A4. Munipe Wa Kati (4:55)

Side B
B1. Eh! Yaye (4:57)
B2. Mama Lenvo (4:14)
B3. Lamuka (5:19)
B4. Keba (5:18)
B5. Woa (3:04)