Lucky Dragons & Seabat

Special Effect

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CAT #: VST001
January 13, 2015

Originally commissioned as the soundtrack to experimental animator Peter Burr’s bizarre CGI journey into The Zone (inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s ethereal 1979 film Stalker), Seabat and Lucky Dragons’ compositions are presented here in full form as a split LP. Each side is different take on the subject material – Seabat create an immersive, cinematic mood with fogged out trance-inducing synth drones, flute, and environmental sound design. Lucky Dragons take a different route with minimalist, binaural vocal samples and MIDI patterns that pull the listener along on a cerebral journey through inner space. A most unique pairing of zoned out takes on a masterpiece of cinema, filtered through the lens of contemporary underground animation.

The LP is packaged in a deluxe jacket and sleeve with eye popping original artwork by Peter Burr. This packaging truly has to be seen to be believed, creating a mind bending optical illusion as the jacket is removed from the outer sleeve.


Side A
A1. Seabat – Opening / Train / Theme (8:13)
A2. Seabat – Here (2:55)
A3. Seabat – Window (2:31)
A4. Seabat – The Room (4:37)
A5. Seabat – Mirror (3:53)

Side B
B1. Lucky Dragons – Inside (6:24)
B2. Lucky Dragons – Outside (3:35)
B3. Lucky Dragons – A Piano (6:53)


01. Seabat – Opening / Train / Theme (8:13)
02. Seabat – Here (2:55)
03. Seabat – Window (2:31)
04. Seabat – The Room (4:37)
05. Lucky Dragons – Inside (6:24)
06. Lucky Dragons – Outside (3:35)
07. Lucky Dragons – A Piano (6:53)