Visible Cloaks

"Valve" / "Valve (Revisited)"

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October 5, 2016

You may be most familiar with Visible Cloaks from their two volumes of Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo; mixes described as investigations “into Fourth World undercurrents in Japanese ambient and pop music, years 1980 – 1986” and beloved to many hearing this music in a new way or for the first time.

It’s fitting then that Visible Cloaks’ first original music since their 2015 self-titled album features different collaborations with Japanese duo dip in the pool. “Valve” translates vocalist Miyako Koda’s spoken word from “A Sea of Love,” the end track on her stunning solo album Jupiter (soon being resissued on Grandisc), into a MIDI chordal movement permeated by disparate tones, colors, and textures throughout the meditative piece / peace.

“Valve (Revisited)” features Koda contributing new vocals alongside Tatsuji Kim’s enhanced melodies and reanimated co-production with Visible Cloaks, becoming one with the original in the video presented here.

Brenna Murphy’s visual contribution to Valve / Valve (Revisited) underscores the multi-dimensionality of Visible Cloaks music, designing an abstract landscape that beckons investigation and wonder. It also adorns the double a-side single artwork and becomes a virtual interactive environment when downloaded as a desktop application.

Valve / Valve (Revisited) is the first Visible Cloaks offering on RVNG, but we can almost assure you of more.


01. Visible Cloaks – Valve (feat. Miyako Koda)
02. Visible Cloaks & dip in the pool – Valve (Revisited)