Regal Degal

Speckled Fruit


CAT #: ROTI001

Following the Format Worth cassette release on RVNG Intl., Regal Degal return with Specked Fruit, a smash n’ grab 12″ Maxi-EP of outsider lysergic pop for mutant sound huffers n’ handsome dweebs. The first side crams in five jams clinically and cynically treated for fourth eye clarity. Demonstrating the Brooklyn trio’s formative song-writing, tracks like “Pretty Busy” and “Eaten Alive In Front of Stained Glass” work at Swell Maps levels, while “Peace On Repeat” and “The Digest” perfectly reference the early 90s takin’-a-piss-pop of The Cows. The b-side is a portable tape recorder mess of manic practice space panic. Recommended record of a record that could have been released on Recommended Records.

Edition of 300. 3-color spray-painted stencil sleeve artwork.


Side A
A1. Pretty Busy (3:23)
A2. Peace On Repeat (4:40)
A3. Eaten Alive In Front Of Stained Glass (4:38)
A4. Loris Night (4:56)
A5. The Digest (4:47)

Side B
B1. Regal Coital Suite (19:14)