You Who



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You Who is India Salvor Menuez and Brian Close. A collection of songs that play like the exploits of two teenage friends, Score is the New York City duo’s six track debut album. The opening track, “Oh Baby,” unfolds like a seascape during a weather pattern shift, rolling forward precipitously before a percussive glitter storm. From here, an irregular pattern of playful beat dialogue emerges in “Findings.” The first side ends elevated, though cemented in experimentation.

The flip side plays like a single track over four movements. “Aqua Akwaa” demonstrates Score’s distinctive Downtown genealogy, its earthdream threaded with a meandering yet memorable bass line. “Career Day at School of the Future,” invokes its title like a giant question mark, tentative but ultimately championing trial-and-error and work processes. “Conversations” is the heart of Score, akin to what one might imagine to be a spoken exchange between Menuez and Close as translated by the intersystem of an OP-1.

Much like Score in its entirety (variously intimate, fervent, synergetic, delightful, and productive), “Conversations” is not tied to any music narrative but is signpost by a persistent rhythmic quality / quantity. Fleeting in feels and duration, Score disappears before your very ears but demands to be played again and again.

Score is available now on vinyl in limited, hand-stamped, stenciled and loving form.


Side A
A1. Oh Baby
A2. Findings
A3. Aqua Akwaa
A4. Career Day At School Of The Future

Side B
B1. Conversations
B2. Poppy