— Limited artist edition of 25 high quality stereo lathe cut discs featuring original artwork by Akhira Sano and design from Will Work For Good.
— Single sided disc featuring a silk screened b-side, packaged in a silk screened, hand number fold over design on a heavy black stock.
— Limit one per customer.
— Each purchase includes a multi-format download redeemable via Bandcamp.



Release date: November 30, 2021

Satomimagae returns to the rich soils of Hanazono to assemble Colloid, a delicate array of peripheral petals stemming from her most recent album. Colloid presents four diaphanous introspections, combining Satomi’s vocalizations, signature six string strum and atmospheric command into a characteristically self-contained sphere of sylvan, biotic mysticism.

Colloid contains four new and selected rearrangements of songs from Satomi’s  soundworld, itself a lifecycle which is constantly transforming from timeworn and felt foundations. The fleeting “Toridasu” layers immersive field recordings of unknown origin (could it be forest, brook, city or harbour?) under pastoral guitar explorations, ushering in both an informal and devotional, enchanting and everyday tone.

Entries “Dango” and “Ashi” are both reworkings of previously released tracks, the latter appearing in a different iteration on Hanazono. “Dango” may be the most expansive of the four selections, its unfolding form glittering and glowing with new life. “Kiteki,” the penultimate tune, re-emerges from her 2018 album Potopo, a solemn and pensive song of traditionally lyrical intrigue.

Colloid is primed for listeners with a feel for molecular subtlety and biological beauty, and a taste for Satomimagae’s living dioramas of ambient folklore. The four songs will be collected on a limited, artist edition lathe cut, and made available across all digital platforms on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.


Side A (45 RPM)
A1. Toridasu
A2. Dango (Colloid Version)
A3. Kiteki (Colloid Version)
A4. Ashi (Colloid Version)


1. Toridasu
2. Dango (Colloid Version)
3. Kiteki (Colloid Version)
4. Ashi (Colloid Version)