CAT #: TS03

Looky here folks! We’ve made a new Rvng t-shirt. You may or may not remember the Get Rad t-shirts or Mutated Men before those but they were really fucking “special”. These are no exception.

The design (by Kevin, durrr) is a loose spin on the rigid “R” logo that was stamped on our foreheads fresh from the conceptual womb. It’s also an homage to the budget record label logos that grace some of our favorite 7″s and 12″s. It’s also fucking fresh and we don’t have to sell it to you, dude. Fuck authority.

These are printed on American Apparel Poly-Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck t-shirts. Way better than the classic 2001s most peanuts print on. These feel and fit better and don’t fall apart at the seams. No shitting.