Purple Brain




Release Date: June 2009

Obey your brain. From the cerebral ether of Andre Bumrocks and Jason Convict! comes Purple Brain, the new mix CD and 7″ from Rvng Intl. Australians in former lives, the duo have called NYC home for several moons, respectively cultivating insane record collections shared outside of their bro-zone through transcendental online archives (see:bumrocks.com) and far reaching mix tapes (listen: Time To Noodle and Drunken Chicken).

Following some prodding by Rvng and then promises of fame, riches, and immortality, the two minds turned to one after months collecting and compiling cuts over just the right / wrong mixes as to work within a broad, psychoactive stroke.

The 60 minute Purple Brain mix is a transformational affair. There’s no right place or time, rather the listener is paralyzed and abducted by a higher force. The Brain uses abstract themes of transgression, outsider art, and the occult to create a cinematic feel throughout the mix. This could / should be the soundtrack to a lost New Hollywood or Cronenberg film or a documentary on a great heretic or healer.

The music contained within moves through the pounding rock side of disco to looseafro-rock, metallic clang, desert dirge, and synth overloads. Accented by sound collages constructed by the Brain, the mix is a meditative journey into the mind’s dark eye. No intermission, no encore, to be listened loud and under influence.

The 7″ features two edits from the mix and an original composition. On the a-side, Purple Brain take future / former soap opera theme composer Barry De Vorzon’s collaboration with Perry Botkin Jr., “The Riot” from the R.P.M. soundtrack, and rev the frenzy factor to eleven. After the bell and whistle pastiche of The PB Theme, the Brain extend the political policy of Maishie Maponya’s “To the Comrades” from the Bahumutsi Drama Group’s production of Busang Meropa.

The CD / 7″ comes packaged in a super size (21″ x 28″) two color poster and insert designed by Kevin O’Neill of Will Work For Good. 300 7″s are pressed on purple vinyland randomly circulating throughout mail and retail orders.

Pressing details:

3 1/2 dub plates
5 test pressings
1033 7″s, 21″ x 28″ 2c poster, 2c CD inserts w/ die cut CD holder
300 copies translucent purple colored vinyl
1100 CDs manufactured. CDs still suck.

“The Riot” licensed to Rvng by Sony BMG.
“To the Comrades” licensed to Rvng by Maishie Maponya.


Side A (33/45 RPM)
A1. Barry DeVorzon and Perry Botkin Jr. – The Riot (PB Edit) (3:30)
A2. Purple Brain – Purple Brain Theme (1:34)

Side B (33 RPM)
B1. Bahumutsi Drama Group – To the Comrades (PB Edit) (5:16)


01. Isis – Servant Saviour (3:49)
02. Stereolab & Nurse With Wound – Trippin’ With the Birds (4:59)
03. Jimi Hendrix – Captain Coconut (2:38)
04. Joe South – A Million Miles Away (2:47)
05. Yan Tregger – Sea Trumpet (1:45)
06. Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri – The Seven Game (3:21)
07. Bahumutsi Drama Group – To the Comrades (PB Edit) (3:16)
08. Purpz – Paraiso 2-82 (4:32)
09. Dominik Von Senger – Dlaluk (1:02)
10. Alan White – Ooooh Baby (2:53)
11. Robert Palmer – Si Chatouillieux (1:40)
12. Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr. – The Riot (PB Edit) (2:41)
13. Electric Sandwich – China (2:03)
14. Beaver & Krause – People’s Park (2:53)
15. Phew – Our Element (1:46)
16. Fusioon – Rapsodia Para Un Violin (3:19)
17. Gong – Percolations Parts 1 & 2 (3:29)
18. Roland Vincent & Jean-Pierre Lang – Le Feouk (3:11)
19. Eroc – Der Prophet (7:38)