Crazy Rhythms



CAT #: MX4

Release Date: August 30th, 2005

Crazy Rhythms is Dan Selzer, and Mike Simonetti. They DJ sometimes. Mike is partial to old-school hip-hop that sounds likes disco and dirty, dirty house music and Dan is partial to gay electronic disco and new wave that sounds like house music. They both like Post-Punk and Acid, and they invented No Wave. Their beatmatching skills are impeccable, but used sparingly. They have DJ’d at all the cool clubs and some of those crazy Brooklyn loft parties you only read about.

In 94, Mike founded Troubleman Unlimited Records and is now the label par-excellence for cutting edge hipster sounds such as Erase Eratta, Glass Candy and Tussle. In 99, Dan founded Acute Records to reissue lost art-punk from the late 70s like the Theoretical Girls, Metal Urbain and the Prefects. While they are both well known and regarded for their collection of punk 7″s, they’d also like to be known for their 12″s.

By the end of the 90s, they decided it was time to teach the punks how to dance. Mike started Contort Yourself at the Knitting Factory and Dan began Transmission at Plant bar with Luke from the Rapture. It seemed like something was in the air, a post-punk disco-funk zeitgeist. Due to the sudden popularity of such sounds, the Crazy Rhythms crew became the most sought-after DJs EVER. Dan was voted “Best DJ’s DJ” in the Village Voice and Mike became a resident in Ibiza where Paul Oakenfold recently opened for him.

The mix you hold in your hands was recorded during a time when there was nobody who would say, “man, Italo-disco is played out” or “don’t you know that track is on so-and-so’s mix/an import bootleg/a CitiBank commercial?” No, those were more innocent times. It features Italo-Disco, New Wave, Post-Punk, No Wave, Actual-Disco, Danish Remixes of Glam One-Hit Wonders from ex-Bubblegum Artists, you know, all the same stuff everyone else plays. Of course thes records are all original pressings, M/NM quality, light scuffs on the b-side and a bit of surface noise on the play out groove.

Liner notes:

Selecting and mixing: Mike Simonetti and Dan Selzer
Editing and fixing: No. 6 on the cut
ID marking: Tim Sweeney
Mastering: Jim Rusby
Photos: Zonder Tittel
Design magic: Kevin O’Neill

1000 CDs Manufactured.
Packaged in clear sleeves with yellow wrap around adhesive and 4/1 2p insert.


01. Giorgio Moroder – Night Drive (Reprise) (2:29)
02. Klein & M.B.O. – The Big Apple (4:04)
03. Wide Boy Awake – Slang Teacher (3:01)
04. Massimo Barsotti D.J. – Whole Lotta Love (3:02)
05. Amin-Peck – Girls On Me (4:44)
06. Vortex – Black Box Disco (3:39)
07. Man Friday – Love Heartache (A “Tom Moulton” Mix) (2:40)
08. War – Galaxy (3:02)
09. Macho – I’m a Man (1:41)
10. Gazebo – Materpiece (1:24)
11. Musicology – Obsessed (2:58)
12. Tyree – Acid Crash (1:43)
13. Belle Epoque – Bamalama (2:14)
14. Ram Jam – Black Betty (Ben Liebrand Mix) (3:55)
15. Delta 5 – Try (2:17)
16. Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird of Fire (Walter Gibbons Mix) (3:39)
17. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (12:10)
18. The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms (6:19)