Tim Sweeney



CAT #: MX3

Release Date: August 9th, 2003

RvngMx3 features the talented Mr. Tim Sweeney commanding an 80-minute “press play and party” collision of the most eclectic musical genres your ears have been privy to. Celebrate good tunes, duh.

Tim is half the brain behind the DFA Records Compilation 2 mix and has assisted in the production of several of the label’s 12″s and remixes. A catalog update of the DFA’s Compilation 1 (which Tim also produced), Compilation 2 features Tim and the other Tim’s (Goldsworthy) exclusive remixes / re-edits of LCD Soundsystem, Liquid Liquid, and Pixletan.

Tim is also the friendly voice and fingers behind Beats In Space (beatsinspace.net), a radio show broadcast on WNYU radio every Thursday night. When not twiddling knobs or riding the airwaves, Tim’s a respected selector among the electro / disco / hip-hop NYC DJ sect and attached nightlife. Tim has a weekly Fri. night party at APT (NYC) and has played every country imaginable.

The 21 tracks on RvngMx3 bring the psychedelic groove and thud of Tim’ set to digital domain. Tim invites composers of new, old, and in between (Zongamin, Gottsching and Richard D. James) to mingle in style. Avant 80s tracks (Tones On Tail, Grace Jones) blend into the acid 90s (Carl Craig) and back to organic 70s grooves (Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk). On your stereo it’s sonic art, on the dance floor it’s raw magic.

Liner Notes:

Selecting, Mixing, and Production: Tim Sweeney
Design: Kevin O’Neill
Cover photo by: Zonder Titell

1000 Initial Pressing
1000 Repressed
Packaged in re-sealable plastic bags w/ transparent white stickers and four color 8-panel poster pull out.


01. Intro (2:44)
02. Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (7:20)
03. Can – Vitamin C (UNKLE Remix) (4:21)
04. Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love (3:00)
05. Aphex Twin – bbydhyonchord (1:53)
06. Tones on Tail – Performance (2:46)
07. Radiohead – Idioteque (3:17)
08. Cybotron – Techno City (3:09)
09. Kraftwerk – Numbers (1:55)
10. LFO – Nurture (2:59)
11. Scrappy – Freeze (2:26)
12. Fingers Inc. – A Path (2:58)
13. Psychonauts – Magnetic (3:18)
14. Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye (2:35)
15. Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out (3:50)
16. Grace Jones – Walking in the Rain (3:01)
17. Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice (2:55)
18. MU – Let’s Get Sick (3:55)
19. Zongamin – Painless (2:23)
20. Carl Craig – Climax (9:23)
21. a) Cat Power – Free (3:32)
‏‏‎b) Harry South – The Sweeney (2:57)