Lost Tribe

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CAT #: ReRVNG14-2
May 7, 2021 (digital)

Released in 1983, Lost Tribe’s title track is an almost 14-minute epic chug n’ groove marathon, guided by exquisitely shambolic percussion and Arthur Russell’s unmistakable cello. Across the four tracks of Lost Tribe, the voices of Trevor Gale (drums), Greg Alper (saxophone), Jerry Neuhoff (vibraphone), Dana Stricker (vocals), Arthur Russell (cello), Peter Schott (piano), and Psquani Frates (backing vocals) provide a pop fantasy for Mark Freedman’s multiple music personalities and studio wizardry to sparkle. This is Powerman in peak form, remastered from the original tapes (!!!) It’s also the last remaining original stock of this, until now, outrageously rare (and priced) record.


PLEASE NOTE: Deadstock LPs are from the original pressing that was recovered after several decades in storage. There is a possibility that your LP will have minor cosmetic damage (e.g. ringwear) or warping from its years in storage, but should still be in playable condition. We have done our best to weed out any copies with exceptional damage. As such we are selling these “as is.” We cannot offer refunds or replacement copies for records that are slightly warped but in playable condition.


Side A (33 RPM)
A1. Young Lovers’ Game
A2. Lost Tribe

Side B (33 RPM)
B1. Love Whisperings
B2. Loving Was Easy


1. Young Lovers’ Game
2. Lost Tribe
3. Love Whisperings
4. Loving Was Easy