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Oliver Coates


— The epilogue to Oliver Coate’s skins n slime.
— Each purchase includes a multi-format download redeemable via Bandcamp.


December 4, 2020

“Sidestepped” is the epilogue to skins n slime.

It was commissioned to accompany a secret performance of Butoh dance theatre in Hong Kong over a spring weekend in 2019. The standalone performance version was then heard at MODE 2019 curated by Laurel Halo in London.

It is a meditative combination of piano, synth and cello harmonics in slow repeating isorhythms, a desolate path built on repeating suspense chords across the first 15 minutes. It eventually culminates in a vast wave of looped ambience in the second half with running piano figures, white noise and waves of thick distorted cello haze.

It functions as an extended track 12 and a farewell to the album skins n slime.


1. Sidestepped