MoM002: Plant Age (Devra Freelander Print)


Commend’s MoM (Music of the Month) series is an effort to pay tribute to some of our favorite, current record releases from across the globe. Each month, Commend will commission an artist edition poster to be sold alongside the vinyl, exclusively from the store. These visual responses will serve as farther-out artistic context for releases that are extra special to our times (and space).

The second MoM edition is a four-color screen printed and laser cut topographic description by NYC-based artist Devra Freelander for Terekke‘s much anticipated LP, Plant Age (the 100th contribution to the LIES catalogue). 5 years worth of recordings are unearthed, revealing a landscape rich in diverse flora emerging from wizened ground. Freelander brings her sculptural practice, rooted in the intersection of geology and technology, to this soundscape. Edition of 75 printed by Keegan Mills Cooke, only available from Commend.


Side A
A1. Tack (4:06)
A2. BB2 (3:47)
A3. Need U (5:45)
A4. Swim (3:32)

Side B
B1. Mix 91 (5:21)
B2. Padi (1:21)
B3. JQM (5:18)
B4. Closer (3:31)