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Like Comment


CAT #: MEA012

Release date: December 2013

Like Comment is the second album by Georgia, the multi-talented pairing of Brian Close and Justin Tripp. Like Comment funnels fourth world vibes through Chinatown vapors and dub-wise echoes into a menagerie of influences as interwoven and kaleidoscopic as the album’s accompanying artwork (also c/o Georgia). Like Comment is available now across digital formats.


Side A
A1. Brain Flash In The Dirt (5:04)
A2. Abstract High (6:50)
A3. Nu-Way Heat (5:29)
A4. Haya (3:37)

Side B
B1. Orbit Yer Hip (3:05)
B2. A Loving Grit (7:43)
B3. Spirit House (4:12)
B4. Mahbunzi Nahgo Pihndi Goes To The Market (7:19)