Infinidelity Pt. 3

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CAT #: MI004 / RVNGNL04.5
November 16, 2010

Metropolitan Indian & RVNG Intl. present the historics Infinidelity 12″ series. Inspired by a short story of the same name by author Chris LeoInfinidelity offers ten songs from historics late 2009 album debut, Strategies For Apprehension, transformed by an assembly of artists from the outer ether of the electronic music world.

Infinidelity Pt. 3 closes out the 12″ series with two monstrous remixes. UK remix maven and recent Strut Records mix maker Leo Zero turns “Skin Orders” into a sprawling, eight minute mix of rapid fire drum patterns akin to “Bombs Over Baghdad” and odyssey-like, Garcia inspired guitar work by Crow of Mountain of One. Canadian producer Andrew Allsgood’s take on “Two Tons” stomps away with a heavy kick, conga-laden percussion, and fuzzed out bass line, eventually oscillating into a cosmic cataclysm and refrain. This remix fits in nicely with Allsgood’s classic 12″ for History Clock and features additional production by Worst Friends. Complete the Infinidelity series with this final chapter.

Infinidelity was mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange. Each 12″ comes in an extremely limited edition of 300 copies, absolutely stunning artwork by Mark McCoy. Digital available at igetrvng.com and through the usual storefront suspects.


Side A
A1. Skin Orders (Leo Zero Remix)

Side B
B1. Two Tons (Andrew Allsgood’s Two Tons of Fun Remix)