Infinidelity Pt. 1


CAT #: MI002 / RVNGNL02.5
August 24, 2010

Inspired by a short story of the same name by author Chris Leo, Infinidelity is a new 12″ series from RVNG Intl. & Metropolitan Indian that offers ten songs from historics’ late 2009 album debut, Strategies For Apprehension, transformed by an assembly of artists from the outer ether of the electronic music world.

The Infinidelity Pt. 1 12″ flickers to life with a re-work of “Fan Fare” by Tom Croose, a track that swells with a massive drum loop, buzzy bass blasts, and an ominous synth line only to break itself down and accentuate a stark female vocal sample. The glimmering sensibility of Croose’s track pitter-patters over into the buildup of Sir Billy and Creso’s Saturday Crimson Mix of “Kinda Personal”, another warm track with its roots grown thick in a heavy kick and its wings beating to the crisp high hat on the up beat. Low Motion Disco’s take on “Languages”, a meditative number, recalls the even unfolding of an early morning, the calm of the evening, and the moment before you head into the night for the acid thump of Pink Stallone’s remix of “City to City” and repeat the shimmering cycle.

Infinidelity was mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange. Each 12″ comes in an extremely limited edition of 300 copies, absolutely stunning artwork by Mark McCoy. Digital available at igetrvng.com and through the usual storefront suspects.


Side A
A1. Fan Fare (Tom Croose Purdie Schaffel Mix)
A2. Kinda Personal (Sir Billy vs Creso Saturday Crimson Mix)

Side B
B1. Languages (Low Motion Disco Mirsägewasüspasst Remix)
B2. City to City (Pink Stallone High By Foot RMX)