Infinidelity Boxset



Release date: June 8, 2010

Download the samples for all ten tracks here.
Metropolitan Indian & RVNG Intl. present the historics Infinidelity 12″ series. Inspired by a short story of the same name by author Chris Leo (Feathers Like Leather57 Octaves Below…White Pigeons), Infinidelity offers ten songs from historics late 2009 album debut, Strategies For Apprehension, transformed by an assembly of artists from the outer ether of the electronic music world.

The Infinidelity story is one of meditation within / without a relationship, wrapped in a transient prose that skirts comedic and tragic traditions. Strategies For Apprehension deals in related subjects, those of bonds forged and broken, of ever-shifting alliances. In keeping with those themes, the conception and recording of the record were devoutly unfaithful to any rote route of standard-fare album construction. From those sessions were born enough boundless ideas to place in the hands of others, who in turn have created their own commentaries on and reinterpretations of the music.

The artwork, informed by Leo’s story and spanning across the three 12″s, was created by artist Mark McCoy. The intricate collages convey sanctity within immolation, sacrifice to nature’s thorny embrace. Kevin O’Neill at Will Work For Good commanded the build & design of the packaging.

The first 12″ features remixes from Tom CrooseSirBlly & CresoLow Motion Disco, and Pink Stallone. The second 12″ features remixes from JackpotUFO!Allez-Allez, and CFCF. The third 12″ features remixes from Leo Zero & Andrew Allsgood. Each artist was given Leo’s story and McCoy’s artwork to allow cohesive exercises. The remixes of Infinidelity are as dark as they are light but ultimately serve to elevate the dance floor.

Infinidelity was mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange. The box sets come in an incredibly limited edition of 50 and are constructed to house all three records in stunning 24″ x 34″ black & white poster prints and a custom wrapped box. The 12″s will also be available separately and digitally at iTunesBeatportJuno, and Turntable Lab.

Pressing details:

50 box sets
Pressed at Brooklyn Phono.
Jackets & designated sleeves printed at Stumptown Printers.
Box sets assembled with love by Will Work For Good



Side A
A1. Fan Fare (Tom Croose Purdie Schaffel Mix) (6:37)
A2. Kinda Personal (Sir Billy vs Creso Saturday Crimson Mix) (6:36)

Side B
B1. Languages (Low Motion Disco Mirsägewasüspasst Remix) (7:19)
B2. City to City (Pink Stallone High By Foot RMX) (4:40)

Side C
C1. Taverns (Jackpot Copy Paste Mix) (4:54)
C2. Take It To The Top (UFO! Remix) (4:18)

Side D
D1. Things Alright (Allez-Allez Metalic Mix) (5:59)
D2. Take It To The Top (CFCF Remix) (4:56)

Side E
E1. Skin Orders (Leo Zero Remix) (8:17)

Side F
F1. Two Tons (Andrew Allsgood’s Two Tons of Fun Remix) (7:24)