ARP & Anthony Moore


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April 20th, 2010

For the third volume in Rvng’s FRKWYS (pronounced Freakways) series, ARP (aka Alexis Georgopoulos) and Anthony Moore contribute an album of modern minimalist compositions culled from sources both old and new. From the reworking of some of Moore’s unreleased late 60s compositions and the incorporation of actual extant tapes from that time, to the newly minted pieces by Georgopolous along with new accompaniments to the original recordings, it’s another vibrant addition to the ongoing series in which contemporary artists are paired with their progenitors by way of remix, reinterpretation, and original collaboration.

The idea to pair the two composers was born of Georgopoulos’ appreciation for Pieces from the Cloudland Ballroom (1971), Moore’s adventurous avant-garde album described by Alan Licht as neither a “Krautrock or artrock LP but a bona fide minimal classic”. Upon listening to several pieces by his symphonious accomplice-to-be, Moore was “struck by a powerful sense of familiarity, a recognition of certain musical values close to my own heart being explored by someone else”.

Mutual admiration formed, Moore and Georgopoulos came together in September 2009 at Atlantic Sound’s Brooklyn studio, a scene serenely inspired by the live room’s forward face on the East River. Recorded to a 24 track, 2″ Studer tape machine, the album begins with the stringed drone of “Today’s Psalter”, a piece named for the instrument at its thematic core (re-established later with “Yesterday’s Psalter”). “Spinette” is a lively and cyclical measure exercise built on an original work. And, at end of the first side, “Piano Waves” reinvents a Magnetophone tape recording Moore originally realized in the 60s as a sonorous anchor on the album.

The second side begins with “Wild Grass I (for Arthur Russell)”, composed by Georgopoulos for a cello, violin, and piano ensemble. As with its companion piece, “Wild Grass II (for Robert Wyatt)” takes heroic inspiration and uses the intimate instrumentation to create a movement compelling in its refined gestures. “Mirrors & Forks” returns to Moore’s treasure trove of tape loops, seething into “Yesterday’s Psalter” and then a lunar-lit rendition of “Slow Moon’s Rose” sung by Georgopoulos, a song originally recorded by Moore in 1972 as part of Slapp Happy.

Frkwys Vol. 3 feat. Arp & Anthony Moore maintains the serial aesthetic with a limited pressing of 550 vinyl copies housed in thick jackets wrapped in a lively monochromatic adhesive (design by Kevin O’Neill at Will Work For Good). Lucky subscribers receive a leatherette version of the jacket, edition of 75. The album is available digitally at iTunes, Beatport, Juno and other friendly online retailers.

Mastered by Leandro Gonzales at Brooklyn Phono.
12″ artwork conceived and designed by Kevin O’Neill at Will Work For Good.

Pressing details:

1 dub plate
5 test pressings
550 copies, black & silver labels
Pressed at Brooklyn Phono.
500 jackets w/ adhesive. 50 subscriber jackets w/ adhesive tip on leatherette.


Side A
A1. Today’s Psalter
A2. Spinette
A3. Piano Waves (11:08)

Side B
B1. Wild Grass I (for Arthur Russell)
B2. Wild Grass II (for Robert Wyatt)
B3. Mirrors & Forks
B4. Yesterday’s Psalter
B5. Slow Moon’s Rose