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September 5th, 2009

Rvng is proud to announce a new 12″ series entitled FRKWYS. A play on the name of the legendary Folkways record label founded by Moses Asch in the late 40s to document sound and movement in music from around the world, our FRKWYS (think Freakways) 12″ series pairs contemporary artists and their progenitors by way of remix, reinterpretation, and original collaboration.

Like the Folkways releases, each installment in Rvng’s FRKWYS series lives under a thematic banner (albeit sometimes loose) and explores a different facet of electronic music. The first release in the series features collaborations from NYC avant-pranksters Excepter with Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & CoseyJG Thirwell of Foetus and his many alter egos, and Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto.

The result of this premiere series edition is a new and entirely relevant industrial revolution. Chris & Cosey draw from their early output (Heartbeat, Trance) and turn Excepter’s “Shot Ring” into a whip smart primitive techno mix while JG Thirwell orchestrates “Stretch” as a wildly percussive, brassy acid track. Jack Dangers adds heavy bonus beats with a pitched down dub and bass dance dirge of “Kill People”.

We are housing these limited edition 12″s (900 copies / pressing) in a classic package using heavy stock jackets applied in leatherette and tip on adhesives, creating a truly substantial and archival feel. You have to see / hear this record to believe it.

Pressing details:

1 dub plate
5 test pressings
906 12″s, leatherette wrap w/ blue adhesive, silver spot ink on black labels


Side A (45 RPM)
A1. Shots Ring (Carter Tutti Remix)

Side B (45 RPM)
B1. Stretch (JG Thirlwell Rework)


01. Shots Ring (Carter Tutti Remix)
02. Stretch (JG Thirlwell Rework)
03. Kill People (Jack Dangers MBM Mix)