Regal Degal

Format Worth



Release date: November 5, 2010

An exquisite corpse decomposing over the course of a year, we present to you Regal Degal’s debut offering, Format Worth. A triumphant, burly batch of songs from a young trio that could call Christchurch, New Zealand ca. 1981 (Flying Nun) or Brussels ca. 1980 (Les Disques Du Crépuscule) home as easily as they presently do Brooklyn, NY. Pop music honed at home and unafraid to drone out on the edge of starkness. A year’s worth of experimentation (2009 + 2010) captured to cassette. Really real, Regal Degal.

Artwork by Joel Stillman for Normal NumberEdition of 83 on 40 minute cassettes, Gocco print on recycled covers and inside stamp.There is no children’s laughter on this recording.


Side A
A1. Palette Dub (0:41)
A2. Xcited 4 U (No Vox Version) (2:13)
A3. Mist Connections (3:44)
A4. No Pain For Phantom Strange (0:30)
A5. Fur What (4:13)
A6. Extreme Shllly (0:57)
A7. Rock Policy (2:30)
A8. The Walk To Flagey (2:49)
A9. Proto Second 1 (2:21)

Side B
B1. Southside Dub (0:58)
B2. Garden Apt. (2:17)
B3. Let’s Talk/Far From Morning (3:53)
B4. Over All Too Soon (5:04)
B5. Garden Apt. Cont’d (1:16)
B6. Proto Second 2 (2:16)
B7. Pleasing Teasing (1:56)
B8. Overdo Or Don’t (0:52)
B9. Proto Smoke (1:26)