Secret Circuit

Cosmic Capers / Cosmic Tapers / Cosmic Papers / Cosmic Vapors


CAT #: BIS033
October 13, 2018

Beats in Space presents a Cassette Store Day special from the being known as Secret Circuit, AKA Eddie Ruscha V. An interstellar transmission in two tapes across four hours, “Cosmic Capers”, “Cosmic Tapers”, “Cosmic Papers” and “Cosmic Vapors” trace an artists journey, working from inspiration and generation to documentation and release. Industriousness within seemingly infinite time and space constraints is a quality we’ve come to adore from Ruscha’s sonic experiments, a characteristic that Cosmic Papers exploits with joy. Housed in a canvas holder, lovingly designed by WWFG, screen printed by Keegan Mills Cooke and stitched by Hailey Desjardins. All sounds tweaked and freaked by Ruscha between 2010 – 2014.


Side A
A1. Cosmic Capers

Side B
B1. Cosmic Tapers

Side C
C1. Cosmic Papers

Side D
D1. Cosmic Vapors