Keep Going... Under

— Limited artist edition of 25 high quality stereo lathe cut discs designed by Will Work For Good. [SOLD OUT]
— Single sided disc featuring a silk screened b-side, packaged in a silk screened, hand number fold over design on a heavy black stock.
— Limit one per customer.
— Each purchase includes a multi-format download redeemable via Bandcamp.



Release date: December 1, 2021

Dialect’s Keep Going… Under occupies a different center of gravity than Under~Between, the fourth album from British artist Andrew PM Hunt released earlier in 2021. Where Under~Between delicately balanced restrained motifs and improvisational exploration, Keep Going… Under holds nothing back in its sublime deliberation.

Sourced from various material recently reinterpreted and dating as far back as Hunt’s 2015 performances with Immix Ensemble, the Liverpool-based group lead by Daniel Thorne featured in a substantial yet subtle capacity on Under~Between, Keep Going places its five pieces on a common, solid ground while allowing each an autonomous atmosphere. Hunt’s vision for Dialect inhabits a deep, colorful tint; the music is stoic, ecstatic, human and otherworldly all at once.

“When I came to revisit some of the Under~Between sessions with a new energy, I wanted to explore some untrodden paths,” says Hunt. “Placing emphasis on harmonic development gave the pieces of Keep Going… Under more momentum than the comparatively weightless forms of the album.”

Sonically, Keep Going lands somewhere between postminimalism’s height of the ‘80s and ‘90s and the complex landscape of contemporary digital chamber music and sound design. Hunt’s music is given the space and time to develop and flourish, each piece sharing a purposeful and patient arc, eventually arriving at astonishing codas. Dialect’s music has always displayed emotional and bold qualities, but never this stark, direct and undeniably beautiful.

Under~Between found joy in interplay and spontaneity, while Keep Going… Under finds strength in commitment and direction,” notes Hunt. This assured detour from Dialect’s proven path warrants complete and total immersion, an invitation to go under and stay under. The five pieces of Keep Going… Under will be collected on a limited, artist edition lathe cut, and made available across all digital platforms on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.


Side A (33 RPM)
A1. Rays of Light
A2. Crypt
A3. Half Moon
A4. Mesa
A5. Opal


1. Rays of Light
2. Crypt
3. Half Moon
4. Mesa
5. Opal