RVNG Intl. at 15: Beatrice Dillon Selects / Dissects



December 14, 2018 (physical only)

There’s no real reason we decided to acknowledge RVNG’s fifteenth anniversary and not our fifth, or even our tenth. But here we are, a decade-and-a-half later and honestly, not so far removed from where we started. We’re still listening and learning, and we’re still loving every moment of the fabled label life.

In the spirit of our very first release, a mixtape from our old friend Julian S. Process (later of Pink Skull) complete with stenciled, spray-painted CD cover, we invited a new(er) friend, Beatrice Dillon, to take a trip through RVNG’s many years of released and unreleased music to pull together a proper catalog mix.

According to Beatrice, and as you have the option to experience yourself, RVNG Intl. at 15: Beatrice Dillon Selects + Dissects is a two part mix that features, “loads of cut ups, blends, edits, layered loops, audio manipulation, collaging, etc.,” and moments “where the tracks just run cos they sounded great to my ears.”

The end result of Beatrice’s expert selecting and dissecting sounds great to our ears, and hopefully to yours, too. There’s no track list, but you can rest (or dance?) assured Beatrice covers some serious, curious ground.

We’ve avoided any unnecessary spray paint inhalation this time around, but we’ve still put in the blood, sweat, and tears by hand-stamping 250 cassette covers designed by our long time collaborators Will Work For Good. The cassette is the only way of accessing a digital download of both mixes, and your way of pledging support to physical media. It still matters to us all these years later.

Thanks for being along for the ride, no matter when or where you’ve picked up on the journey. Because we all know what they say about the journey…


Side A
A1. Pt. 1 (43:44)

Side B
B1. Pt. 2 (47:22)