Isik Kural Announces Moon In Gemini

Isik Kural’s Moon in Gemini is a luminous scrapbook of slow-flowing narratives couched in intuitive and symbolic storytelling. Awash in woodwinds and strings, lullaby-inflected lyrics and tender imagery, Isik’s voice moves closer to the listener’s ear on his third album, intoning states of being in which the wonder filled sound of everyday life can be heard and felt.

Moon in Gemini will be released Friday, September 6 as Artist and “Standard” LP, Japanese Import CD (via Plancha), and digital editions. Today we share the sounds and “Almost a Ghost” and “Behind the Flowerpots,” both featuring the vocals of Stephanie Roxanne ward, pka spefy. We are delighted to continue our journey through Isik’s enchanted world of sound.

A space for wide daydreaming, where the invisible steps forward and dauntless ghosts play under a hazy lunar light.