Reflections Vol. 2: Black Decelerant Out Now!

Out in the world today, Black Decelerant’s eponymous debut album, and the second volume of Reflections, our series of contemporary collaborations. Black Decelerant is the duo of Khari Lucas, aka Contour, and Omari Jazz. Both artists have maintained prolific, mostly autonomous profiles as writers, performers, and producers over the past several years, which makes the effortless alchemy of Black Decelerant all the more magical.

The Black Decelerant album arrived with RVNG (near) fully formed at the tail end of 2021. Contrary to so much music made remotely during 2020 that has surfaced over the past few years, Khari and Omari had been talking about a collaboration for several years. This translates in a fluid, conversational way across the self-titled album, bearing no blemish of boundary. rather, a boundless recording as full of musical ambition as it is content in its creators’ intention of presence and just… listening to one another

While you’re listening to this listening, you might also hear the musical ancestry of spiritual jazz that Khari and Omari hoped to conjure, as processed through formless composition and texture. But listen closer for a friendship forming, the mutual appreciation of craft, and a comfort in this creative and spiritual exchange. It’s inspiring, and heartwarming.

This one is a long time coming. Grateful to Khari and Omari for this offering, and for letting us in on their conversation. If you’re around Ridgewood, Queens tonight, Friday, June 21, come and celebrate this release at Stone Circle Theatre. If you’re not, press play, and decelerate.