K. Leimer’s A Period of Review: Original Recordings, 1975–1983 Turns Ten

“The pieces of sound accumulated here were determined by the time and the available machinery. There was never an intention to make more of it than it is. the purpose, my purpose, was to do these things instead of doing other things.” — K. Leimer

Released (just about) ten years ago, K. Leimer’s A Period of Review: Original Recordings, 1975–1983.

On a generous tip from Gregory Tyler Davis that Kerry’s archives were rich with unheard, unreal music, we started a correspondence in 2012 that eventually resolved in an overabundance of material compiled by Kerry, Greg, Robert Carlberg, and the label for this collection.

A decade since its release, and several more decades since its inception, the music of A Period of Review remains vital, vibrant, and prescient in its influence across the contemporary music landscape.