24-hour-Drone Festival at Basilica Hudson – Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19

No one is alone in the drone. Next Saturday morning, May 18, we’ll climb aboard metro-north with our sleeping bags and wide open ears for the 24-hour-drone festival at Basilica Hudson.

In addition to an exceptional spread of artists including Nadah Elshazly, Cowboy Sadness (feat. David Moore of Bing & Ruth), Ana Roxanne, and many, many others, RVNG was invited to program a two hour “block” of sound. with great honor, Khari Lucas (aka Contour) and Omari Jazz, will premiere their Black Decelerant collaboration and Rena Anakwe will create A Space for Sound.

Tickets are miraculously still available, and the probability of a life changing experience are high. We hope to see you there amidst the music.