The Body’s I Shall Die Here turns 10

Released / unleashed ten years ago today, The Body’s I Shall Die Here. After a failed attempt tasking a vaunted luminary of the noise world to reassemble Chip and Lee’s Machines with Magnets studio sessions (if you guess who, we *might* send you a link to stream), and a “could be any other random day” encounter with Robin from Triangle Records, it felt like just a blink of an eye before Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak, was sitting at Gary’s Electric Studio with his laptop and two giant monitors de/reconstructing the album we came to know and fear.

We revisited Chip and Lee’s original sessions, and had the untouchable Seth Manchester work his magic, just as he did the first time around, for an expanded edition of the album released in 2023 titled I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant. Why we revisited the album for its ninth anniversary instead of its tenth? Who knows, but it’s well worth a spin, if you missed it last year. A major moment / demarcation in the RVNG catalog, and a collaboration of the highest alchemic order.