Steve Gunn & David Moore Announce Live in London

Live in London documents guitarist and songwriter Steve Gunn and pianist and composer David Moore (Bing & Ruth, Cowboy Sadness) at the vaunted venue Cafe OTO for the penultimate evening of the duo’s European tour in the Spring of 2023.

Using pieces that appeared on their collaboration album Let the Moon Be a Planet as loose armatures throughout their live set, Gunn and Moore expand and contract a sense of tension within the meditative calm of five new compositions, appearing in real time from rippling interplay between piano and guitar and between, and from a place of joy and camaraderie.

Live in London will arrive as a(n extremely) limited vinyl edition, available exclusively from Steve and David on tour and direct from RVNG, with a Japanese import double CD, via Plancha, and digital editions in store for February 23, 2024.

Special thanks to Bradford Bailey for helping steward this release, in many ways, and to Cafe OTO.