Discovery Zone Shares New Single + Video for All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

“All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go,” the third single from Discovery Zone’s Quantum Web, finds the experimental pop project’s mastermind JJ Weihl ensconced “in the garden” as layered vocals and trilling synth lines weave together into a major key reverie, evoking the ivory that might wreathe a gateway from one world to another. Weihl’s gossamer voice celebrates choosing the scenery of this adventure, a sentiment echoed by the lush production, handled by Weihl along with co-producer E.T., that recalls 60s FM psychedelia and 80s sophisti-pop with its warm flute flourishes played by Jane Penny (Tops) and compelling yet cozy casio drum machine waltz.

“All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go” comes accompanied with a video conceptualized by Weihl and Janosch Pugnaghi, and shot, directed, and edited by Pugnaghi. The video follows an angel avatar in a virtual world who stumbles upon a flaming portal that leads her straight into an earthly garden in “reality.” “Virtual realms hold many parallels to the realm of spirits, existing outside of ‘material reality.’ So I thought it would be an appropriate avatar to embody, traversing both immaterial and material gardens,” says Weihl. “The heavenly garden spoken of in theology melting into a garden created from code. Both inhabited by fallen angels of sorts.”