Neil S. Kvern on Doctor Dancing Mask: Pianoisms

“I was primarily inspired by artists typically called Minimalists – Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros, Philip Glass – but also African percussion, marimba, gamelan, folk music from different regions. and improvisational jazz, like Keith Jarrett’s Köln concert, and other ecm artists such as Terje Rypdal. I also just listened to the instrument, tried to hear what it wanted to do. Being present with the sound, rather than bending it to my will, and trying to have a perspective similar to anapanasati in Zen meditation”

Neil S. Kvern on Doctor Dancing Mask: Pianoisms, his 1983 self-published cassette reissued by Freedom To Spend as part of our Uncommon¢ series on January 27, 2023. While it was kind of quiet year for FT$, we have a stacked year ahead.