Tin Iso and the Dawn (A Portrait)

Almost an exact month after the release of Tin Iso and the Dawn, the new album from New York based  composer and puppeteer Tristan Allen, we offer a look behind the curtains of Tristan’s world building with a documentary video portrait by Travis Hood and Ross Mayfield.

Filmed in Tristan’s Brooklyn home studio, the portrait offers a view of the shadow puppetry process and performance that brings Tin Iso and the Dawn to life, and some intimate, insightful musings from Tristan on their relationship with music making and story telling. “I want to make things that feel like they were made by a culture, but a culture that isn’t one that’s on earth.”

If you weren’t in attendance at the lovely release show at Public Records in Brooklyn last month, the premiere of the first iteration of the second part of the trilogy that Tin Iso and the Dawn leads at Tristan’s La MaMa residency earlier this month, or if this special album just got lost in the inevitable shuffle, Hood and Mayfield’s portrait is a perfect portal to Tristan’s world.