Tristan Allen Shares New Video for “Act IV: Death and the Dawn”

Today we share “Act IV: Death and the Dawn,” the concluding movement in Tristan Allen’s Tin Iso and the Dawn, an epiphanic, four-part journey composed and constructed by the New York based artist through music and shadow puppetry.

Formative experiences by way of travel through Asia, studies in Gamelan, a paper mache Christmas angel, and their dad’s Bread and Puppet Theater artifacts formed a web of inspiration from which Tristan’s desire to combine puppetry and their fascination for the narrative power of instrumental music emerged. Years of synchronistic inspirational encounters with “guardian angels” in the form of music mentors and puppeteer masters incentivized Tristan to pursue a project where they could focus on sound and diverse instrumentation.

If you happen to be in Philadelphia for the Making Time ∞ festival this weekend, Tristan performs on Saturday, September 23. We’ll celebrate the release of Tin Iso and the Dawn on Friday, October 20 at Public Records in Brooklyn, NY. More information here.