There’s No Time Like No Time

Long, long ago (2003), in a galaxy far, far away (Philadelphia), RVNG minted its very first matrix number on a mix CD by Julian S. Process, aka Julian Grefe of Pink Skull, packaged in a slimline case and spray painted with a gold “R” stencil. For the five years that followed with illicit mixes and 12” edits randomly making their way to our web site, Other Music’s shelves, and stores well beyond our NYC backyard, and for the fifteen years of expanding and contracting after, we never quite felt comfortable with what attention came our way.

That sentiment remains true through now, and contributes to the general wooziness that comes with celebrating, let alone recognizing, any milestones or accomplishments that aren’t directly attributable to the artists whom we serve. Had Dave P not been so generous in providing a landing spot at this year’s Making Time ∞ for so many RVNG artists to assemble for one monumental hang, we’re not sure it would have ever happened. We’re barely holding on to the minute hand of the great clock in the sky that keeps ticking away.

So, the idea that “there’s no time like no time” recognizes that there is literally no time do anything but everything, but also our impermanence and minute-by-minute evolution. The ecstatic potential of the present moment. There is something both chaotic and joyful about this, and it’s in this spirit that we look forward to a whirlwind of family, friends, and most of all, music over three events in New York and Philadelphia at the end of September.

Tickets for the various events are below, as is a sneak peak at a few new items we’re making and selling at these shows. To hold you over until then, we have a new RVNG t-shirt and hat up now and shipping in the next couple weeks / for all of your back to school needs ;););). All designs by our day one conspirators and collaborators, Will Work For Good.