Psychic Ills & Gibby Haynes – Nowhere in the Night (FRKWYS Vol. 4.5)

Psychic Ills & Gibby Haynes Nowhere in the Night (FRKWYS Vol. 4.5) arrives, suddenly, from somewhere sometime ago, a ceremonial realization of group mind, sound, and untethered aspiration.

Psychic Ills first intersected musically with gibby when they toured extensively with Butthole Surfers in 2009, and next when the Ills invited Haynes to contribute to the fourth volume of FRKWYS, alongside interpretations of their music by Juan Atkins and Faust’s Hans-Joachim Irmler.

With a single session booked on a cold early February 2010 night, the quartet settled in to the studio’s depth to chase a spirit of intuition and improvisation down all corridors conjured. the mixed and mastered album would remain relegated to a handful of test pressings while respective creative paths lead to and through new horizons.

The project was never abandoned, rather allowed time to steep in mystery. Tres passed away in march 2020, and with Liz’s guidance, we’re humbled to offer this intimate yet expansive document, and honor his time with us.

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