NTS x Crammed Discs – A Map to Measure

Described as “a collection of aural garments that have or could have been commissioned as soundtracks” on a catalog advertisement doubling as an LP jacket in an early volume of Made to Measure, Crammed’s vision for their longstanding series was made for wide mind projection.

Beyond the adventurous, innovative music of Made to Measure is a real sense of collaboration and community. Some musicians are provided a platform early on in the series, and then a dozen or two volumes later. Other musicians appear in the credits across several volumes, or are thoughtfully paired with other musicians over multiple collaborations. Having someone like Marc at the helm of Crammed, a musician himself who speaks the language and lives the process, gives Made To Measure creative integrity, cohesion, and limitlessness.

Made to Measure is hands down one of the biggest inspirations on our record label, and you can see its influence wide out in the open in our FRKWYS series. This mix includes a piece of music from volumes 1 through 31 of the series, and is truly a soundtrack to the expansion of my listening mind.

Listen back on NTS Radio here, alongside mixes from Christina Vatzou & JAB, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Marc Hollander, Stubbleman, and Yasuaki Shimizu.