EOY Reflection ~ A Space for Sound

Rena Anakwe’s music first came into view for us with her Sound Bath Mixtape Vol​.​1, shared in part with the ever-inspiring PTP. While dreaming of artists to help reenergize Commend‘s space with new music as part of our storefront’s THERE series, A Space for Sound felt like a natural, and nurturing, fit and force ~

In Kiana Mickles’ words, “channeling a bereavement into a transcendent soundscape, A Space for Sound’s Sometimes underwater (feels like home) asks us to sit in stillness with sound in hopes that it will inspire new avenues for self-healing.”

This picture by Cindy Trinh documents Rena’s sound bath this past October, the first event hosted at Commend in nearly two years. We’re grateful to have a spirit like Rena’s present in RVNG + Commend worlds, and worlds beyond ~