We miss you, Paula ~

Pauline Anna Strom ~ otherworldly, intellectual and imaginative, perceptive and opinionated, beloved artist, friend + sister…

On the occasion of her one year passing, a small group of friends, new and old, gathered on the coast of California to share our separate but similarly magical experiences with Paula. She led a mysterious life by design, but not opaquely so. All of the stories shared of Paula were rich in the glow of her warm, passionate personality, and ultimately, her uncanny love.

Paula’s love flowed deep for her many pet reptiles over the years. Sadly, Ms Huff passed away a few months ago, in her tender 40s (lizards can live up to 70 years!). Joining us at the gathering was Little Soulstice (pictured here), the younger of the two lizards that kept Paula companion in her San Francisco home of the past four decades.

Also joining us was Paula. She was seen and felt everywhere — in the trees, the ground, the sky, and she was heard. Paula left an astonishing amount of music that we took this communal occasion to catalog, and revisit under Paula’s direction before she passed, for future editions / explorations of her work.

Thank you Loretta, Jeremy, Amy, Aubrey, Euan, Suzanne, and Marta for such a beautiful week. We miss you so much, Paula ~