Rimarimba – “Pacific”

By his third album, it’s clear Robert Cox has recognised just how liberating technology can be – “All these intricate layers of things that I was trying to play, and didn’t have the musical ability to play, I could suddenly program them” – but he also recognises that if you head too far down that road, dull perfection is your bitter reward. Human music intoxicated and lurching through a new forest of machinery.

Enjoy director Matthew Reed’s audiovisual postcard of Felixstowe, UK, Cox’s hometown (and where all of the music of Rimarimba originated), featuring “Pacific,” a selection from In The Woods:

Freedom To Spend previously offered all four Rimarimba albums in an edition of 250 screen-printed canvas carriers. The canvas collection is long sold-out, and this second edition of 200 4x LP sets will be the only other opportunity to access Light Metabolism Number Prague. On June 21, Below The Horizon, On Dry Land and In The Woods will be available individually for the first time. Each album features artwork reinterpreted from its original edition by Will Work For Good, a “Certificate of Absurdity” from Robert Cox, and accompanying abstracts by Jon Dale.

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