1432 R – RVNG Mix


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This mix from D.C. based label 1432 R clearly states its intention for the listener: enjoy yourself. Seriously.

A host of characters from within and outside of the 1432 R stable steer an adventurous narrative that deviates into footwork, acid, ambient and a distinctly DC-orientating pulpy, disjointed beat.

The adventure tanks forward with ricocheting drum machines and clangorous percussive effects before swerving into the soulful squelch of sample-oriented hip hop of RBCHMBRS and reconstituted ‘organic’ instrumentation surrounded by lush synth chords in “Feluha” from Ethiopian Records. The journey’s reward gets lost in the r’n’b vocal sauce boiling with a burning 4/4 on the 1432 R Soundsystem’s “Want it Bad,” finally slowing to a meditative faded keyboard meander which dissipates as fluidly as it took earthly form.

We’re simply lifted to rep fifty minutes of elasticity between electric and eclectic zones from one of our very favorite labels.

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Mikael Seifu – The Lost Drum Beat
Dawit Eklund – Footwerk
Sami Y – Untitled
Zem Su Yung – Untitled
Sami Y – Untitled
Dawit Eklund – Fufu Mafia
Ocobaya – Messix
Sam & D – Terrebone County
OV – Untitled
RBCHMBRS – Bus From The Amalfi
Ethiopian Records – Feluha
1432 R Soundsystem – Want It Bad
Zem Su Yung – Mouth Harp